Getting PiMusicBox to access Mediatomb database

So I have a desktop PC with a Mediatomb server installed.
I want to serve music to my PiMusicBox, but the Pi isn’t locating any media files…

I’ve set the directory to, which is the server location… am I missing a step?

I shouldn’t need an app like Bubble, as Mediatomb has (apparently) a renderer built in.
Can anyone shed some light on where I’m going wrong?

Is there a Windows file share at that location? I thought mediatomb was DLNA.

The Mediatomb is on a Linux server. It is DLNA and uPNP

What do you mean you’ve set the directory?

Pimusicbox supports playing music from a Windows share, DLNA is not a Windows share. I don’t think we have any support in the current version for DLNA/upnp servers.

If you want the music stored on mediatomb to play on a particular device, that device must be a DLNA renderer.

Mopidy-dleyna probably does what you want but if I remember correctly it’s not supported in pimusicbox. I can’t remember exactly why off the top of my head.