[SOLVED] Help needed: How to read from Twonky Media Server


I have successfully setup my Rasperry Pi 3 with mopidy including upmpdcli. I control mopidy from my Android with MPDroid and I can play music locally stored on my SD-card.

However - I’d like to access my Twonky Server (running on my NAS in the local network) where I have several MP3s stored. I could not find out how to configure mopidy or upmpdcli to access the media server. Any help is warmly welcome.


Good morning, there is a post here regarding the use of Twonky

Have you tried https://github.com/tkem/mopidy-dleyna ?

Hi kingosticks,

thanks a lot - that was the piece I was looking for. :slight_smile:

Now everything is working fine …