[SOLVED] Frontend Extension Throwing Fatal Config Errors For Mopidy And Other Extensions

I am writing a frontend extension and when I try and run Mopidy with my extension I am getting some “fatal configuration errors” however the odd thing is, the items in question don’t have to do with my extension.
Yet if I remove my extension everything works fine with my config settings how they are.

Here is what I am getting:

WARNING Found fatal logging configuration errors:
WARNING logging/loglevels unknown config key.
WARNING Found musicbox_webclient configuration errors, the extension has been automatically disabled:
WARNING musicbox_webclient/musicbox unknown config key.
WARNING Found touchclient configuration errors, the extension has been automatically disabled:
WARNING touchclient/output unknown config key.
WARNING touchclient/loglevels unknown config key.
WARNING touchclient/mixer unknown config key.
WARNING Please fix the extension configuration errors or disable the extension to silence these messages.
ERROR     Please fix fatal configuration errors, exiting...

My extension is called “touchclient”.

No where in my extension do I even have anything called “output”, or “loglevels” and for mixer I only ever use self.core.mixer, no config or anything.

My ext.conf looks like:

enabled = true
screen_width = 320
screen_height = 480
cursor = False
cache_dir = $XDG_CACHE_DIR/mopidy/touchclient
resolution_factor = 8
gpio = False
gpio_left = 4
gpio_right = 27
gpio_up = 22
gpio_down = 23
gpio_enter = 24
sdl_fbdev = none
sdl_mousdrv = none
sdl_mousedev = none
sdl_audiodriver = disk
sdl_path_dsp = /dev/null

Here is the git repo if you want to look at the full source.
This is my first attempt at this so be nice :smile:

Any ideas on why I am getting these, or how to fix it would be appreciated.


Updated: Added more formatting. -jodal

There is no config value named logging/loglevels. We do however have both a logging config section and a loglevels config section. Make sure you don’t have loglevels inside a [logging] section in your config file or -o logging/loglevels=... on your command line when starting Mopidy.

The musicbox_webclient/musicbox config value is new in Mopidy-MusicBox-Webclient 2.0.0. Check what version you have by running mopidy deps and look for Mopidy-MusicBox-Webclient in the output. If you’re running an older version and want to continue doing that, you must remove/comment out the musicbox config value from the [musicbox_webclient] config section.

None of these are mentioned in your ext.conf, and all of them looks like other Mopidy config values placed in the wrong config section. Both output and mixer belongs in the [audio] section, while loglevels is a section of its own.

If you’re running Mopidy 1.1 or newer, Mopidy will print what config files it uses. Look at the first five lines of output, and you’ll know exactly which config files you need to look at to fix this.

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Thanks that helped me get it resolved.

Problem was with the Musicbox config file.
While valid for running Musicbox it doesn’t like me running my extension as well.
I had to just tweak it a bit, such as moving the output value under audio, etc and it worked.

For next time, it would be worth mentioning you are running under Musicbox as it currently uses an older version of Mopidy. You should just remove the musicbox parts of the config if you are not running under Musicbox as the output key does not mean the same thing as it does in Mopidy’s audio section.

I had actually updated my Mopidy by hand so I am running the latest version even though I am running Musicbox.