(Shareport) Allow clients to interrupt current audio stream

Hi, thanks for the great work on Musicbox. It works quite well from my admittedly short time with it. One question:

Is there a way to disable the “busy” signal given when one device is using the musicbox over AirPlay? It’s a neat idea, but it seems to be getting in the way of changing songs (not albums, switching to different songs) in the Apple Music app. I think there isn’t enough of a delay to allow for this to happen properly. I know Shareport-Sync has an option for this but the Musicbox versions config files don’t seem to have the necessary code.


Hi, I assume you mean the allow_session_interruption option. Sadly it doesn’t seem you can get this in the old version of shairport-sync we are using in musicbox v0.6. I think you would need to compile and install a newer version yourself. Sorry.