MusicBox 0.5.1 Shairport behaviour strange?

In my setup music is played on OSX Mountain Lion with the Clementine Player. Airfoil relays the sound to Airplay and connects to Musicbox. In 0.5 this was a rock steady combination.
In 0.5.1. after some songs the music stops at the end of the song. Airfoil then shows Musicbox de-selected. When re-selected the music continues on MusicBox and stops again after a few songs.
Why does this happen? Is it possible that Shairport in 0.5.1 disconnects because of the silence at the end of the song (not every song has the same amount of silence)?
Is anybody else using MusicBox 0.5.1 in the same manner? FYI The only software / hardware change is Musicbox 0.5.1. and I have rebooted and behaviour is the same.

It seems that shairport-sync, which is what comes with musicbox 0.5.1 is unstable. With musicbox 0.5, AirPlay ran flawlessly, no disconnections at all. Now with shairport-sync in 0.5.1 I can’t get it to AirPlay from my iPhone or iPad for more than about 2 minutes without a disconnection.

I used to watch videos on my iPad, with audio running through pimusicbox with the old shairport in 0.5 and I thought the syncing was perfect!

Can we revert to having the old shairport in the package?

Other than this, this build of musicbox seems to be flawless for me.

Exactly the same here. With 5.0 i was having stable playback on Android with AirAudio and on Linux with pulseaudio-raop2. Now I can enjoy music for 2 minutes at best.
Playback with Airport is the feature that I use the most, so back to version 5 until I see it fixed.
I really hope to see the old shairport package that just worked fine.

Initially, I also thought there was an issue with shairport-sync. This only happened using a simple USB headset for testing, which is only capable of more than 32k/16 but not using the headphone jack of the pi. Maybe the whole problem is related to downsampling.

However, even using the native audio jack of the Pi, I experienced occasional connecting losses streaming Airplay via Tuneblade. Not a severe problem, I had to reconnect once in a while (half an our or so). This seems to be fixed since I updated shairport-sync to the latest version. Maybe that would be a good idea for Pi Musicbox, too.

I’d be really interested in any bug reports you’d have about shairport-sync. The version information would be very useful too – just type “shairport-sync -V” to get it.
Regards, Mike.

The shairport-sync version with musicbox 5.1 and 5.2 is:

Also, I use an usb soundcard. Disabling downsampling is not solving anything. I will try to update the shairport-sync version when I have time. How do I do that? Is it easy?
Can I provide some better error output?

Ex[quote=“Axel, post:4, topic:407, full:true”]
This seems to be fixed since I updated shairport-sync to the latest version. Maybe that would be a good idea for Pi Musicbox, too.

So, can you share with us exactly how you went about updating this one package? That would be appreciated!

Thank you,


Nevermind – I followed the build instructions here:

It seems to have updated to 2.1.15 successfully.

Great, I also updated to 2.1.15 following the instructions more or less and it works. I hope the next musicbox version will be up-to-date.

Can you tell me how you updated shairport in detail? im a newbie and for example the autoreconf -i -f doesnt work. it says:

Can’t exec “aclocal”: No such file or directory at /usr/share/autoconf/Autom4te/ line 326.
autoreconf: failed to run aclocal: No such file or directory

Thank you in advance

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i had to install every missing dependency.
i think i did
sudo apt-get install make gcc autoconf aclocal
and others…
i had to google a bit what was missing.

but you could just wait for the next update of the pi musicbox. Woutervanwijk said that he would update shairport then.

There have been quite a few bug fixes between 2.1.5 and 2.1.15, so it should make quite a difference. If you have issues, I’d be glad if you’d report them at Thanks, Mike.

Pi Musicbox 0.5.3 released today packs the new version of shairport-sync, and it works perfectly! Thanks Mike and Wouter!