Is Bluetooth receiver possible

Got the Pi MusicBox (almost) going, now looking for help getting it to receive A2DP bluetooth connections too. My Bluetooth dongle seems to be fine, just can’t get anything to pair, can’t find pactl installed, and ultimately want it to allow pairing with a simple 0000 PIN. Can anyone advise/help?

Note, I want the RPi to receive music over bluetooth and play it through it’s audio out.


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Agreed. This sounds really useful and one of the last pieces on the swissarmy knife

There is a lot of information on the subject at

I think they were trying send music from Musicbox to a bluetooth speaker (i.e. the opposite of what you’re asking) but the device management side of things must still be useful. I’ve absolutely no idea if it (still) works so please report back if it’s helpful.

Apologies if this is considered reviving an old thread, but this is the starting point I was using to try to accomplish the same thing (add bluetooth as an input source). I used the info in this thread and could get the Pi to appear as a bluetooth audio device, but never could get audio output working. Any suggestions?

Hi! So have you managed to send audio to your Musicbox via bluetooth or not? If yes, could you please provide some instructions.