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Search listing default to most recent

If I do a search for ‘upgrade’ the post at the top of the list is from Feb 2016, although I can then reorder the search for the latest/most recent post, is there anyway the default could be that the latest post comes up first every time?
Also once there are more ‘solved’ posts will it be possible to search through just those?

I agree but there does not appear to be a proper way to to this. I found this which mentions enabling the “search prefer recent posts” setting and the “search recent posts size” defaults to 1000000. It we reduced that number significantly we can effectively remove older posts from the results but it’s a total hack. I am surprised customising the search order is not supported.

You can use the status:solved filter to search only Solved posts. You can also find this option in the advanced searched options under “Where topics:”.

Oh, and you can also filter within a category by “solved”.