No way to get search to return more than 100 results

I have been searching for a few hours now to get the api call to return more then 100 results.

The backend I’m searching against, local, has two parameters, limit and offset, but neither of these seems to be exposed to the frontend api, making it impossible to either get more than 100 results, or get the first 100, then the next and so on…

Is this a bug, oversight, or something else?

You are right, the Mopidy Core API (which the frontends use), doesn’t support limit or offset. We had a PR for this and we’ve also had a number of issues in the past about parts of it. It’s really more of an oversight that’s been blocked, originally by this and more recently by lack of progress on a pagination scheme. We need to resolve the pagination aspect else it doesn’t really work. I’d really like for us to move forward on this and am willing to help if we can address the points here.

The last comment by drdavella here gets to the point. Let me search the backend directly instead of abstracting it away.

Meanwhile I created this