Search artist URI

I was wondering how to perform a “clean” search related to a specific artist URI to give me albums and some tracks for this artist only.

For example: Artist “H.E.A.T”, URI=spotify:artist:7M4PCSo5DDasGginrPHSDd

I can do['H.E.A.T'], exact=True) but it returns a lot of artists/tracks, fx “Canned Heat”, “Thomas Heat” etc.

Do I have to filter the results myself or can Mopidy do this?

The current 1.x version of mopidy-spotify can’t do this but upcoming 2.x release does support searching by uri. In the meantime, you could probably hack around the limitation by having your calling code do lookup instead of search in these situations.

Thanks for the answer. I managed to build a good list of an artist’s tracks by combining (and doing my own filtering) of results from both search and lookup.