Retrieving artist details from an artist ref through HTTP API


While browsing the library through the HTTP API, responses sometime consist of Ref of type ARTIST. How does one retrieve the artist details from that reference? (I am specially interested in the musicbrainz_id property of the underlying model instance).

I know I can call core.library.browse with the URI of the reference; The response will hopefully contain some album references, then calling core.library.browse on one of those will contain a track list where the artist model is populated. Is there a less hacky way of doing?

Does it make sense to extend the API with a command like core.library.get that returns a model object from a given URI?

You can use mopidy.core — Core API — Mopidy 3.4.1-7-g1e299e58 documentation and the returned tracks will provide the full Album model.

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