URI format in playlist

just a “little” question: where I can find information about the URI formats for the playlist file compatible with Mopidy?
After some tries, I’ve seen that these kind of URI are correctly managed:

  • local:track:<path_to_file_encoding_non_ASCII_text>
  • spotify:track:<spotify_id_of_a_track>
  • <absolute_path_to_file>
  • <relative_playlist_directory_path_to_file>

I suppose that there are other possible URI formats, isn’t?
Thank you for the help

Any Mopidy Track URI is handled. Other than the scheme part, Mopidy URIs are supposed to be opaque values and should not be interpreted outside of the Mopidy backend that created them. We don’t provide any documentation regarding their format and manually creating them is not supported although you can work it out yourself in most cases. Normally you would use the URI that the backend provided you with as a result of browser, searching etc.

Relative paths depend on the configured base_dir.

You could reasonably add HTTP stream URIs to your list, they are not Mopidy specific.

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