Running multiple instances of MusicBox on the same network

Just installed MusicBox on an old Pi1 and its working a dream. This got me thinking, Id like to do the same for each of my kids in their rooms.
Is it possible to run multiple instances of MusicBox on 1 network? Each on its own Pi. is it as simple as just reserving the IP addresses of each one in the DHCP table and using that IP address to control each instance instead of the http://MusicBox/local ?

Pages 5 & 6 of the manual cover it,
Don’t forget only one can use Spotify at a time, unless you all have your own Spotify accounts.

Thanks Steve,

I jumped the gun a bit in excitement. Searched the forum for related topics but never thought to read the manual!

Yes separate accounts will be used. I have mine, the Mrs and the youngest share and the moody Teenager has one, at least thats what i interpret his grunts to mean when asked.

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