RPI3 built-in bluetooth support


It seems i can’t use my RPI3 built-in bluetooth adapter to stream to my bluetooth speaker.
Does anybody could confim that ?
It could be a great feature don’t you think ?


You’re wrong…
Not only you can stream your music to a bluetooth speaker, but you can also stream it simultaneously to the jack AND the bluetooth.

Have a look here: Mopidy output to bluetooth speakers and audio out


No, this is posted in the Pi Musicbox subforum so @eighterphoto is exactly right. Streaming to a Bluetooth speaker is not supported in Pi Musicbox. I do agree it would be a great feature.

@eighterphoto, if you have the interest/time to setup your own system rather than use Pi Musicbox then you can get Bluetooth streaming working. You will need to start by installing Mopidy on the last Raspbian and whatever else you want. If you need help doing this then I’m afraid that’s well beyond the scope of Pi Musicbox so I can’t be much help; but maybe @fmarzocca or someone else on here can step you through it.


Oh, sorry. I didn’t realize it was for PiMusicbox.


then i’ve installed Raspbian Stretch on my RPI3 and Mopidy with Iris.
It’s working now with my built-in wlan & bluetooth !
thanks guys.
For those i could help, don’t hesitate to DM me.

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