Remote Music Box

Hey all,

I’d like to play music through a Pi3 at a remote location. At the remote location, the Pi3 will be on a separate network and connected by WIFI. The goal is to have it access and play and audio stream that I can DJ over the internet, preferably via a browser-based GUI. We’d like to have the GUI / remote stream allow us to pull music from Spotify and other stream services.

Is this possible with Musicbox or Modify?


There’s a section in the Mopidy documentation about configuring icecast for streaming music. However, the icecast support in the old version of Gstreamer that Pimusicbox still uses isn’t brilliant. And it’s not supported by the Pimusicbox scripts at all.

If I was doing this, I’d start from scratch with the latest Raspbian and latest version of Mopidy i.e. I would not use Pimusicbox.