Problems with overheating


I had the problem that after setting up Pi MusicBox, AirPlay worked fine. Then after a couple of hours, where it wasn’t in use, but was turned on, I tried AirPlay again only to find that it would skip / modulate and speed up randomly. My first thought is that is might be that the Raspberry Pi is overheating, as I measured the temperature to be around 50 C.

My Raspberry Pi isn’t in a case, as I have just bought it, and is only passively cooled (without a heatsink). I had read that this should be enough, as the Raspberry Pi would throttle itself to keep cool, but I might be mistaking in this.

I am totally new to Raspberry Pis, and therefore don’t know much about the accessories needed. But is there a way to ensure it doesn’t overheat using passive cooling and without a heat sink?

I hope this makes sense, if anyone requires further information then I am happy to give them.

50 degrees is fine.

Airplay works by speeding up and skipping parts of the track in order to remain in sync. So it’s working by design, just not doing the right thing, probably due to a network issue? Are you using a wired connection, a USB dongle, Model 3 built-in wireless?

I am using a Raspberry Pi 3+, with it’s built-in wifi, as well as the built in audio out jack.