Poor Quality output when MusicBox connected to Airplay (IOS)

I have just built a Rasp Pi 2B and used a HiFiBerry DAC +, i am new to this world of Linux and Raspberry Pi but the project seemed to come together very well, using the latest download of MusicBox (0.6).

However, have a problem when Selecting Airplay on my IOS device, initially the sound comes through at a low level, so i need to increase the volume on my Sound System, not really an issue but annoying as when i select another device the Vol is way too high, so would be good to resolve that.

However, the real issue is that using Airplay the quality of the sound can sometimes be poor with varying amounts of interference. Have tried MusicBox with Streaming and it appears perfect, the issue is only with AirPlay. Have tried to move the WiFi usb device from Pi onto external powered USB hub and that seems to make the situation worse, but it is an intermitted issue.

Any suggestions please?



I’m guessing here but the issue might be related to the volume levels that you are changing rather than the fact that you are using Airplay.

Perhaps the starting point should be to check your setup as per Settings for piMusicBox 0.6 and HifiBerry Dac +?


Thank you for your response I will investigate the information within that thread, but the issue i am getting is only intermittent, in some cases a track will pay with maybe only a couple of seconds of “corrupted” sound, others will be worse.

Thanks Again