Problems SFTP'ing into a clean Pi MusicBox Image

Hello Everyone,

I can SSH and interface with the Pi using the command line, however I cannot SFTP into a clean Pi MusicBox Image using the usual FTP clients like CyberDuck and SSH Secure Shell Client so I can see the GUI file structure.

I’m trying to accomplish this so I can edit the web interface using Aptana. I’m trying to add an alarm clock tab and edit a cron job (mpc play music) based on entered time.

Any suggestions on how I can troubleshoot this?


Musicbox uses dropbear rather than openssh server and this does not support sftp. See

You could just copy the file over with scp, or even use something like sshfs to mount the musicbox filesystem on your development machine. I'd probably do the latter.

You have to ‘apt-get install openssh-client’ for that. Dropbear can use openssh for sftp if it’s installed. It’s already in the new 0.5.1 alpha2 which you can find here

Oh nice! Cheers @woutervanwijk

you mean apt-get install openssh-server, of course :smiley:

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