Problem looking up URL to stream

Having a problem getting Mopidy to stream any URL. I put it in the URL on the webclient and nothing happens. If I check the service status, I have these errors.

Sep 12 18:12:01 koro mopidy[9952]: INFO [StreamBackend-5] Unwrapping stream from URI ( failed: error downloa
Sep 12 18:12:01 koro mopidy[9952]: WARNING [StreamBackend-5] Problem looking up [Link redacted]
Sep 12 18:12:18 koro mopidy[9952]: WARNING [StreamBackend-5] mopidy.internal.http Download of ‘[Link redacted]’ failed due to download taking more
Sep 12 18:12:18 koro mopidy[9952]: INFO [StreamBackend-5] Unwrapping stream from URI ([Link redacted]) failed: error downloa
Sep 12 18:12:18 koro mopidy[9952]: WARNING [Core-6] mopidy.core.tracklist Track is not playable: [Link redacted]

However, I can get it to play if I give it a URL instead. For example, works. I don’t particularly want to have to look up the IP address every time I want to play the radio.

It doesn’t seem to be a network error because I was able to ping the same host from the machine running mopidy. Checked dependencies and only ‘mad’ is missing. I can’t figure out how to install it, but from what I’ve found, it doesn’t sound vital. I haven’t touched the stream configurations (but I’ll paste those below anyway).

Is there anything else I’m missing? Thanks!

enabled = true
protocols =
metadata_blacklist =
timeout = 5000

PS Because I’m a new user, I’ve had to take out the links in the errors, but I left one example in.

An update. For anyone googling a potential solution to this problem, the solution is at the bottom.

Since I posted this, I tried to install the Radionet and Spotify extensions, neither of which worked. The Radionet one just did nothing at all whenever I tried to browse it. Here’s the error:

Sep 14 08:35:50 koro mopidy[616]: ERROR [RadioNetBackend-3] mopidy_radionet.radionet Failed to connect retrying on next browse.

The Spotify one would announce me as connected in the log, display my playlists, but then couldn’t play any tracks. This is the error I would get:

Sep 14 14:48:08 koro mopidy[616]: INFO [SpotifyBackend-7] mopidy_spotify.lookup Failed to lookup 'spotify:track:27N1UZEtss6egt6yWKSUK3': Session must be logged in and online to load obj

I began to think that this might be a wider problem than Mopidy. This is on a recently installed RaspberryPi 4. I had set it up almost identically to its predecessor and it’s connected both by ethernet and wifi, on a stable internet connection, so I had originally dismissed any possibility of there being a problem. I tried opening a browser directly on the machine and noticed that it took a very long time to resolve a host for any webpage. One difference to my previous set up was that I set a static ip in /etc/dhcpcd.conf instead of /etc/network/interfaces.

Here’s what has seemed to fix it (Spotify can play tracks, can stream URLs quite quickly):
In /etc/dhcpcd.conf, I commented the line static domain_name_servers= fd51:42f8:caae:d92e::1, which previously I had uncommented. Here is my set up for that section of the dhcpcd.conf file:

# Example static IP configuration:
interface eth0
static ip_address=
#static ip6_address=fd51:42f8:caae:d92e::ff/64
static routers=
#static domain_name_servers= fd51:42f8:caae:d92e::1

The only thing it hasn’t fixed is Radionet. But I think that might be because the config asks for a username and password, which the website doesn’t have. I gather this is a recent change.