Element doesn't implement handling of this stream. Please file a bug


I’ve faced the following warning message in the log:

2015-11-19 19:52:13,127 INFO [2611:StreamBackend-9] urllib3.connectionpool: Starting new HTTP connection (1): Main-High.RauteMusik.FM
2015-11-19 19:52:14,037 WARNING [2611:MainThread] mopidy.audio.gst: Element doesn't implement handling of this stream. Please file a bug.

Do I have to care about?


This could either be due to timeouts when trying to figure out what a playlist points at, actually giving us a file format we can’t handle or a bug. So without a sample URI there is nothing to be done. The message itself comes from GStreamer and not mopidy, so the “please file a bug” part is actually a bit misleading.

The URI I used was http://main-high.rautemusik.fm/listen.asx

I put the URIs out of this streaming site in a m3u file and play it from there.

I finally got around to looking at this, and the URL works for me.

Here’s the relevant log from Mopidy-Stream when unwrapping the playlist looking for a stream URL to play:

DEBUG    2015-12-10 00:04:08,017 [19333:StreamBackend-3] mopidy.stream.actor
  Unwrapping stream from URI: http://main-high.rautemusik.fm/listen.asx
DEBUG    2015-12-10 00:04:08,018 [19333:MainThread] mopidy.audio.gst
DEBUG    2015-12-10 00:04:08,298 [19333:StreamBackend-3] mopidy.stream.actor
  GStreamer failed scanning URI (http://main-high.rautemusik.fm/listen.asx): gst-stream-error-quark: This a
ppears to be a text file (5)
DEBUG    2015-12-10 00:04:08,558 [19333:StreamBackend-3] mopidy.stream.actor
  Parsed playlist (http://main-high.rautemusik.fm/listen.asx) and found new URI: http://main-high.rautemusi
DEBUG    2015-12-10 00:04:08,558 [19333:StreamBackend-3] mopidy.stream.actor
  Unwrapping stream from URI: http://main-high.rautemusik.fm
DEBUG    2015-12-10 00:04:10,267 [19333:StreamBackend-3] mopidy.stream.actor
  Unwrapped potential None stream: http://main-high.rautemusik.fm
DEBUG    2015-12-10 00:04:10,268 [19333:StreamBackend-3] mopidy.backend
  Backend translated URI from http://main-high.rautemusik.fm/listen.asx to http://main-high.rautemusik.fm

I’ve setup mopidy now on another RPi with Raspbian Lite (Version B2 instead of Version B1), but message comes further on. It doesn’t disturb me (as its only in the logs). However, there is the section describing how to start mopidy with debug level on. To be comparable, is this somehow also possible with mopidy running as a service? How to pass on the arguments -vvv to the service?

Edit: Is the right way to edit /etc/init.d/mopidy accordingly?

To change the logging level, you could probably have a look at /etc/mopidy/logging.conf:

keys = root

keys = fileHandler

keys = simpleFormatter

level = DEBUG
#level = WARNING
handlers = fileHandler

class = FileHandler

level = DEBUG
#level = WARNING
formatter = simpleFormatter
args = ('/var/log/mopidy/mopidy.log',)

format = %(asctime)s - %(levelname)-8s %(message)s