Poor sound quality for streams. Extensions sound ok

Running latest Mopidy on a pi3 with jessie. Extensions like Tunein and Pandora sound fine. However when playing streams the quality is very poor (static, crackling, fading in and out). I originally tried Pi MusicBox and the stream sounds fine in that version. I would stick with that but the mopidy-pandora extension requires a newer version of mopidy. Any idea what I can do to make the stream sound better?

TuneIn is really just a a library wrapper around random internet streams, the playback itself uses Mopidy’s internal stream backend. Perhaps you could post some links to streams that suffer from the problems you describe?

The version of Mopidy in PiMusicBox is very old and uses a different version of Gstreamer so it’s reasonable that it would behave differently. Although, of course, usually the behaviour is better in the latest versions.

The stream I’m most focused on is http://stream.abacast.net/playlist/entercom-weeifmmp3-64.m3u

I’m not sure what it is about the newer version but it just sounds bad for this stream. I’ve also tried building pi musicbox with the create_musicbox.sh script and get the same poor results.

I just built Mopidy 1.1.2 with gstreamer0.10 and the stream is now playing fine. It does appear the issue is related to gstreamer1.0.