Raspi2 / Xbian : Crackle Sound


I’m using a Raspi B+ with Musicbox and it’s working fine !

But I just buy a Raspi2 and I’d like it to run Xbmc and Mopidy.

With Musicbox on my Raspi B+, the quality is great !
But on my Raspi2 with xbian, I’ve crackle sound !

I’ve followed the instructions here “https://docs.mopidy.com/en/latest/installation/raspberrypi/#appendix-a-fixing-audio-quality-issues” but not working for me…

Can you help me ? :smile:
Thanks !!

Are you using the analogue audio output? You will need to ensure the volume
is turned up high on the raspberry pi and then controlled with your
amplifier. You should be able to do that using amixer.

nope, I’m using HDMI output.

any idea ?
I’ve made some search on google today but I can’t solve this issue.

Thanks !

Is this possibly related to https://github.com/mopidy/mopidy/issues/1147 ? Can you try the workaround outlined in that issue.

Thanks for your reply kingosticks.

I’ve made the test but unfortunately, it’s not working :frowning:

I really do not understand because on my Pi Musicbox (Old Raspi Model) I don’t have this issue …

Musicbox still uses the older v0.19.5 version of mopidy so you could try installing that instead. What version of Mopidy are you currently using, there is a new release out that you could also try. Can you get the same issue using analogue output? What music source are you using? If local files, what type?

I’m using Mopidy 1.0.0, is this the latest version ?
I’m only using Mopidy with my spotify account. (same for musicbox)

Don’t know about the analog output but I’ll give it a try !

Thanks for helping me kingosticks :wink:

I have the same problem with xbian + mopidy!
I have tested it with the latest version and with version 0.19.5 of mopidy. It does not matter if I play a song on Spotify or a local mp3 file.
Using HDMI as Audio Output. My old Raspberry B+ was working fine, too.

I have the same issues using Kodi and Mopidy on a Raspberry Pi 2. The sound crackles streaming radio stations or playing from Spotify via mopidy-spotify plugin. I am using Analog-Output.
Using Pi MusicBox or a manual install of mopidy on a clean Raspbian system will produce no errors in sound. Mopidy and all plugins are on the current stable version (apt-get upgrade).

I tried a lot settings and tweaks to fix the issues: asound.conf, increase of buffer, updates to current version, etc, none of them have any influence to the sound quality.

My current solution is to increase the ‘nice’ value of the Mopidy process to -19.
Then the crackling sound is gone.

The following shows the output of top while running the system, playing a song on Mopidy via spotify and have no video playing on Kodi:

NICE value: 0
(can’t post images, so put http:// in front:)

NICE value: -19
(can’t post images, so put http:// in front:)

This is just a workaround, since it will influence Kodi in performance.
Any suggestions what I could do digging deeper into the system?

Thanks for the great support, lots of information and awesome work.

Musicbox also changes the Mopidy process priority this way. But it’s
interesting as I’ve never had to do this on my xbian system. I remember
going through all the xbmc options and turning off things that looked
unnecessary but I think in the end it was only the rss feeds as they were
periodically refreshing (it may not even do this anymore). I shall
reinstall the latest xbian version and see how I get on.

Bizarrely it seems all the latest xbian images are broken and missing all the /boot files. So I’m not making any progress here.