Pause a stream or file restarts?

Maybe this should be obvious but not when I search for it…

Does pimusic box actually feature pausing live radio or streamed links and resuming play from that position? What I’m saying is any time I pause audio by myself, it restarts it instead of resuming on my pizero w build


So a follow up, I didn’t know anything about MPC before but I do now lol. So this problem is ONLY happening on the default web view @ musicbox.local in browser. I don’t know if the PLAY button in there is meant to act as a PLAY/STOP button only or if this is a known glitch? If I use MPC PAUSE or MPC PLAY in terminal it pauses and resumes my stream perfectly with zero buffer as I want. So I’m fine with that because I plan on programming actual buttons for a radio and I can work with that, but it would still be nice to be able to control in browser, is there a fix for this?