Musicbox pausing every few minutes on its own

I set up musicbox0.5.4beta on a Raspberry Pi 2 and it’s been working great for about 2 weeks. However this morning I was playing a station on Tunein and it paused (without anyone pausing it manually). I hit the play button again and it restarted the station, but a few minutes later it paused again. So I thought it was the station, so I decided to search for some music on Spotify. The search said there was no results (when normally there would have been). So I decided to use a different station - same problem with the pausing.

Next, I tried rebooting. Again the station played for a bit and then paused.

Next I tried using musicbox 0.6RC to see if that might help. Same problem.

Does anyone have any fixes for this problem?

Could be network related, but hard to say given the info. I would look at the logs to see if it’s logging any buffering messages. Though I suspect musicbox has turned of a bit to much of the logging to save the SD card. might also help.

Does it start playing again if you just leave it? Sometimes on some
stations I see a lot of buffering.

I have the same problem. It happens with straight radio streams (not using TuneIn) as well. It may be network related, as it seems to coincide with times when my Internet connection is a bit wobbly.

Usually mpdwatchdog keeps the stream going even after a loss of connectivity, although there are certain times when, as reported here, it keeps switching to pause.
I’ve certainly noticed it more with 0.6RC, although I think it did the same with 0.5.3.

It doesn’t start playing again if I leave it.

I put a fresh copy of musicbox0.5.4beta on the card and didn’t put my login for Spotify or any extras and everything is working fine now.

Not sure what the issue was. I have had instances where the station goes quiet for a minute or less and then comes back on. This problem wasn’t that. This was a full pause on the station where the music didn’t come back on until you pressed the play button again. And once the issue started, pressing the play button would only resume the music for a short time before it paused again.