Autostart web radio after stopped airplay


I was wondering if there is a way to automatically start web radio after stopped airplay playback?

I’ve never used the airplay feature but shairport accepts -E, --on-stop arguments that ‘run a shell command when playback ends’. Perhaps you could set this (in etc/init.d/shairport) to something like “mpc add http://my/stream.mp3; mpc play” ? Hopefully shairport only fires this shell command when playback actually stops, rather than between every song, else you might end up with choppy audio. Good luck.

Hi, this point is why I moved to Volumio, it does restart the last source which played before AirPlay after quitting AirPlay. This was very important for me. i wonder, why this little feature was not implemented into PI MusicBox, which I would have actually preferred to Volumio.