Not understanding mopidy-soundcloud URI scheme; Unable to play soundcloud via mpc

Could someone shed some light on the Soundcloud URI scheme?

Via e.g. the web interface and nmpcpp I am able to play a soundcloud playlist without a problem, but when I’m using mpc it just won’t.

I’ve tried:
mpc add ""
which does not work, probably because it is not recognized as something that should be handled by mopidy-soundcloud

This article in the Mopidy docs states that mopidy-soundcloud implemented its own URI scheme, but I still cannot figure out how to load a specific soundcloud set directly.

I’ve tried many different things. And I now am able to add a specific song, but I must be missing something concerning the sets. Can anyone help me out here?

I am under the impression that whereas this seems to works
mpc add "spotify:track.<soundcloud_track_id>"
there is no equivalent for loading sets.

However, my own sets on Soundcloud are added to the virtual filesystem, so I managed to solve my problem by using:
mpc ls SoundCloud/Sets/<soundcloud_set_name> | mpc add

No solution for other sets than my own though.

I’m having trouble doing this as well.

Mopidy-SoundCloud doesn’t support SoundCloud set URLs, so I added support for it.

Use the sc: scheme, e.g.:

mpc add sc:
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