Confused. Using mpc to add mp3 files to the current playlist

Hi there,

I have an issue I just don’t understand. I run mopidy with mpc and MPDroid.

I have some MP3s in my Music dir, and I have run mopidy local scan.

I can play the MP3s when I access Mopidy with MPDroid on my phone, however, if I use mpc like

mpc add Music/*.mp3 it just returns error adding 1.mp3: directory of file not found
mpc can see the file 1.mp3 - obviously - but it cannot play the file, even 1.mp3 is -rwxrwxrwx

mpc in general works with mopidy as long as I only use spotify URIs

Anyone can help my stupid brain here? Thanks!

mpc add <file> takes a file URI which it passes to Mopidy. Mopidy has no idea what "Music/*.mp3` means.

Use mpc ls to browse and get an understanding of Mopidy URIs. For example:

$ mpc ls
Local media

$ mpc ls "Local media"

$ mpc add local:track:1.mp3

Or just use a full client like MPDroid which hides this from you.

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Thank you for enlighting me and all your effort you put into this project and it’s support! :slight_smile: Where is the donate button? :slight_smile:

As I am sure you realised I accidentally put “mpd ls” above so I have now corrected that to mpc.

We don’t have a means to accept monetary contributions but we gladly accept other forms. Alternatively, please consider taking your business to one of our kind sponsors.

Hi there,

sorry, it’s me again. I still have a problem. I played around a bit with the URIs but in the end got only track working and found no documentation of URI classes (expect the one revering to soundcloud and spotify having their own URI scheme).
Anyway, let’s say I have in /home/pi/Music/example/ the files 1A.mp3, 1B.mp3 and 1C.mp3. I want to add them using the mpc add (going with a playlist is not an option because of the self build scripts mopidy is controlled by).
Doing mpc add local:track:1*.mp3 does not work. :frowning: Any other option?

Did it… just if another wanna-be nerd like me is searching for a solution: mpc add “local media/example”