Local Library Limitations

Q: Why can local.Library.lookup() only return a single Track?
IMHO clients should be Iable to look up album and artist URIs, too, if the local library supports them. Note that this also effectively prevents local library extensions from including anything but tracks in a SearchResult, since what’s the client supposed to do with it, anyway.

Probably just an oversight when we made the API based on an assumption which now doesn’t hold. Feel free to move this to a bug and/or send a PR to fix it. We can either make the code work with both cases, or just break the API, which is likely safe as I think we only have the json, whoosh and now sqlite local libraries to worry about so far.

Thanks, Thomas, I thought it would be “historical reasons” mainly. I’ll go and try for a backward-compatible PR, so maybe this can get included in v19.x…

To be honest I suspect the reason was simply me trying to simplify the API and not yet seeing any use cases for the other variant. But that was just me thinking in terms of the limits of the current local implementation. This is why it’s great to have an implementation that wasn’t written by me so we can challenge any design mistakes we might have made.

No problem; I created a PR as suggested.