Mopidy Core search limited to 100 results

I’m developing an extension (NFC card reader) which has to search the library for certain artists. Currently the results seem to be limited to 100 songs. The core API does not seem to support raising or removing this limit while backend.local does. What can I do to search the local backend without limits? If I’m not mistaken I can only access the core API?

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I too have stumbled upon this same situation. I run a search for songs of a certain genre on the client side and it only returns 100 when I have about 130+ songs of the requested genre.
Does anyone know if the limit can be increased?

I found a workaround for changing the value of llimit for the search function of the library api. I went to my installation’s directory and opened ‘/usr/local/lib/python3.7/dist-packages/mopidy_local/’ and looked for the search method below:

def search(self, query=None, limit=100, offset=0, uris=None, exact=False):...

I changed the value of limit=100 to limit=300(for my case). I don’t know how much is too much but for now 300 is working.