New web interface to Mopidy - Radio Rough HTML

The trouble with most existing Mopidy html interfaces is that they need powerful browsers to work. Not really a problem unless you want to use it with an old or a slow machine - there is no reason why you shouldn’t and there is plenty of them around.

Radio rough HTML is a rough and simple interface for Mopidy. It is intended to provide a usable interface to Mopidy via simpler devices and browsers that do not support fanciness that is java script.

I will work well and fast on pretty much anything with any sort of browser - tried it on an old IPad, pi zero with dillo, a ubuntu box …

Documentation is here but you install it in the usual way: sudo pip install Mopidy-Radio-Rough-HTML

I’d very much appreciate all comments.

Installed and tried, but it doesn’t list my spotify playlists - is this intentional?

thanks very much, that was quick

it’s an omission - was leaving playlists handling till last or until someone asks for them, i never use them :slight_smile:

will be adding them then

It’s the main thing I use Mopidy for, so quite an important item for me :slight_smile:

exactly the type of feedback i was hoping for, thanks :slight_smile:
will ping you when it’s added


Thanks for making a light web interface.

I noticed an error with SomaFM see

thanks very much for finding that - fixed, can you try it now please?

also added playlists for Steve :slight_smile:

sudo pip install -U Mopidy-Radio-Rough-HTML

SomaFM seems not working yet. I created an issue on github.

thanks very much again

it seems that soma fm backend returns None in a few places where strings are ecpected - this was the problem with the first problem too.
I don’t use soma fm, my excuse for not testing it more thoroughly. will fo now, this is very helpful.

definitely fixed now :slight_smile: + quite a few optimizations and improvements.
you need to update it with:

sudo pip install -U Mopidy-Radio-Rough-HTML

playlists working now too, accessible from the first page