Musicbox incompatible with Raspberry 3B+?

Hi, I am getting the power up raninbow screen with the power supply warning when trying to start up Musicbox on the latest 3B+.

I doubt it is a power supply issue, I tried about 10 power supplies now, ordered 3 of the highest rated ones on Amazon and even tried Apple Chargers and stuff.

I think it is a issue with the boot code, as stated here

Anyone got it to work with the 3B+ ?

I know it’s not a boot code issue since I explicitly updated the firmware in rc6 to grab the 3B+ files. I did most of the rc6 testing on a 3B+ and just today I download the released image and ran it on my 3B+ just fine. You are definitely using v0.7rc6 from github, right?

I use an anker multiport power supply. Whatever you are using needs to be 2.5A.

There’s also the possibility your download is corrupt. You can rule that out by verifying the md5 checksum of the image.

Wow thanks a lot, I went to the official site, where only the RC5 is linked and no mention of RC6…

RC6 is working perfectly fine on 3B+

That’s good news and a very good point. Thanks