Play music via hi-fi and stream to phone

Apologies if this has been asked before. I had a quick look through this forum but couldn’t see this particular question.

I have been a happy PiMusicbox user for a few years. I have a Pi 3b to which I added an external SSD and a JustBoom DAC. It’s plugged it in to my hi-fi and works like a dream (mostly). However, what I want to do now is to choose between listening via my hi-fi or be able to stream the music to my Android phone.

Is this possible? If not with Musicbox does anyone know whether it would be as simple as turning the Pi into a NAS to access my music (assuming I can stream whole albums) over the network and install Mopidy to play via hi-fi? Or maybe Kodi?

FWIW my desktop & laptop both run Linux.

Thanks in advance


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