Multiroom Pi 4 Mother Earth Radio Player

Oren’s post of his fine HiFi Streamer brought me to invite you to check out my player:
I have built images for Raspberry Pi 4 using Mopidy, Snapcast and DietPi to build a multiroom setup and listen to my hi res 96k24bits FLAC internet radio station Mother Earth Radio. Of course one can play whatever he wants.
It consists of two images, server and client(s), gives you snapcast FLAC 96k/24bits multiroom, multiple mopidy instances, USB/Network support for audio files and of course my Radio.
Personally i have the RME Adi2Pro FS as USB DAC, and that sounds just awesome, despite raspberry’s USB jitter stuff and all the other downsides. Sadly we wont be seeing much more Pi’s on the market as far as i understood.
Anyway, find it here:

Mopidy is the absolute best solution to make this work; i’ve tried them all, none had all the features i wanted apart from mopidy.
Only thing left is to make my plugin tell gstreamer the set of metadata i fetch from my radio API, but thats another story.

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