Mopidy-Local creating several albums from one album

Hi. The last few weeks I have been playing with Mopidy and backends, to create a sound system on my boat. I like it a lot, so I will probably use it at home too in the near future. I have only one problem: if i do a local scan, I get several albums with the same name, album art, etc. for one album. I have, for instance, ABBA - ABBA Gold, for which de local backend created eight different albums. Can I change settings to the scan so this doesn’t happen anymore?

Thanks in advance,

I guess the best way to solve the issue would be to fix the id3 tags of your music files.

That’s what I figured, but for some reason on some albums, with the same album name (even after editing), every one or two tracks become a seperate album.

You could take two tracks which are being split into different albums and seeing what Gstreamer sees differently about them. e.g.

$ diff <(gst-discoverer-1.0 'Foo Fighters - Doll.m4a' | grep "      ") <(gst-discoverer-1.0 'Foo Fighters - Everlong.m4a' | grep "      ")

<       title: Doll
<       composer: Dave Grohl and Foo Fighters
>       title: Everlong
>       composer: Dave Grohl
<       track number: 1
>       track number: 11
<       track ID: 348a67a4-f364-439c-bb8d-94eb13dba508
>       track ID: 9160e42b-8fae-402d-9cee-d6826c5cce33

I found the problem, but still don’t know how to fix it: there’s an md5 checksum which is different, as is the date of the song(s). The album name is the same. Now to figure a way to fix it.

The album date is different, and only now I see that all albums with multiple entries are compilations of previous albums, like ‘the best of’ or ‘the hits’ or similar. Is there a way to ignore the date and then reindex? My whole library is my iTunes library (over 40GB) in m4a.