Mopidy stuttering on Raspberry Pi 3B+ in ACT diode rhytm


I have fresh install of Raspbian 64 bit on Raspberry Pi 3B with recent mopidy installed + Iris. On my Raspberry Pi 3B+ I have connected WD Blue 1TB harddrive, system installed on it. When I am playing radio stream sound is stuttering in rhythm of ACT diode on RPi. Sound is outputed via alsasink to USB DAC. It happen all the time and system then is almost on 0 load. Any thoughts? How I can overcome it?

I wonder if it’s related to booting from USB and using USB for audio at the same time. Are you to try either booting from SD card, or outputting to the audio jack instead?

Hi. I have installed raspbian on pendrive and then installed mopidy and everything works as expected now, without stuttering sound.

Glad you got it working. I expect SSD and the sound card together were drawing too much power.

Hmm. Currently I have connected HDD + soundcard + radio scanner + pendrive at once and I have no problems. Maybe there is something wrong with 64 bit version of Raspbian?