Mopidy-spotify mpc spotifycharts not adding to queue

Hi there! So I can successfully control mopidy and mopidy-spotify via the command line using mpc. I can even add my own playlist using its URI to the queue by executing the command:
mpc add spotify:user:jmistri:playlist:7j7r1h2XnQGlJZSebnDy4Y

This works for every playlist that I’ve tried, except for one: the global top 50. For some reason, when I try to add it via URI to the queue, it gives an error. Here’s what I input:
mpc add spotify:user:spotifycharts:playlist:37i9dQZEVXbMDoHDwVN2tF
And I get back:
error adding spotify:user:spotifycharts:playlist:37i9dQZEVXbMDoHDwVN2tF: directory or file not found

I have no idea why this doesn’t work. On software like moped, it works perfectly, so I’m not sure if it’s just me or if it’s a bug in the software. If the latter, is there any way to get around this?


Are you sure the uri is quite right for the top 50 playlist? I’d have thought that one would be coming from Spotify-web i.e spotify_web:user:spotifycharts:playlist:37i9dQZEVXbMDoHDwVN2tF or something like that.

I simply use the URI that is given in the Spotify client on my Mac. When I right click a playlist and hit “share”, it gives me the option to copy the URI to my clipboard. I used that one. Under what circumstances would it not be the one provided in the Spotify client?

Because Spotify screwed up their API and broke most playlists ‘owned’ by Spotify in their old library which mopidy-spotify uses. However, mopidy-spotify-web uses a different API which I think (I can’t remember) still works with these Spotify owned playlists. And the uri is a bit different for mopidy-spotify-web, you might have to check what it uses.

Actually, it’s really very likely they Spotify owned playlists won’t work at all. For the reason I mentioned before. We are currently working to move some things in mopidy-spotify to the Web API to remedy this but it’s not done yet.

This works on Moped for mopidy. I just tried the URI you provided and it didn’t work. How does Moped do it?

Hello? If mopidy-spotify doesn’t support it yet, when will it happen?

Moped does nothing special so if it works with that it should work elsewhere. You’d have to take a closer look at the Mopidy calls it’s doing. The mpd frontend does do some things differently so it’s not hugely surprising.

We don’t have a timeline for these things, they happen as soon as someone has free time to work on it.