Mopidy + Spotify (Facebook login)

I use Facebook login with my Spotify subscription. I managed to get my playlists showing by entering my Facebook login credentials into the mopidy.conf file. Last week I set this up and when Mopidy started up and initiated the login, Facebook notified me with a code to replace the password. I would stop Mopidy, edit the code for the Spotify password and restart Mopidy. Then I would get my Spotify playlists showing up in my MPD client and away I’d go.

The problem was that if I had to reboot my device (Raspberry Pi 2), I would lose the login rights. I repeated the procedure several times over a week, and each time Facebook would send me a different code. Now, Facebook is no longer generating password codes, it seems.

Is anybody else doing anything like this? I would really like to get Spotify playing again. Especially since I am still waiting for a version 1.0 32-bit of their Linux player.

I also login with facebook on spotify, but when I went to the spotify online user portal thing, I found a number (10 digits) as my username which works as login. password would be the facebook password.

I had tried the device userid and password before, but it didn’t work. But I think I might have mixed up my (default) /etc/mopidy and (user) /home/pi/.config configurations. I should have left the former as it was and just edit the latter which gets loaded second. Mopidy is now consistently logging into Spotify using the device userid (my 10 digit Spotify account number) and a device password (I have chosen to use my FB p/w, we can debate the security of that).