Bad Spotify username/password despite being correct

Mopidy keeps giving me a bad username/password error when starting up and trying to connect to Spotify. I have checked that I have entered the correct details in mopidy.conf numerous times and even recreated the mopidy.conf file from scratch.

I have a premium account, however, the premium feature are part of my mobile phone plan (Bouygues Telecom), and when I go to the Subscription and Payment section of the Spotify site this is what is displayed:
“Spotify Premium
Your subscription is associated with our partner Bouygues Telecom,
please refer to Bouygues Telecom for questions regarding your
Payment details
Bouygues Telecom”

Could this be causing my problem?

No, I don’t think that should matter. I’ve seen others use telecom-associated accounts with success before.

Do you login to Spotify with your Facebook credentials, a regular Spotify account or a Spotify “device password”? If you use your Facebook credentials, you must follow the instructions in the Mopidy-Spotify README to get a Spotify “device password” instead.

Okay, I got it working…
I purged and installed mopidy-spotify twice; it connected without any problems on the second install! One of those mysterious issues that crop up now and then I guess.