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Mopidy : Failed to add some tracks pi 0 W

Greetings everyone,

So Im running mopidy on my rpi 0 W. First time dealing with a pi so feel free to overly explain things.
I followed the instructions from here, which is pimoroni. So the webfront is Iris. I can use its search and everything for music, but if I press play in a song it tell me that “Mopidy: failed to add some tracks” and plays the song for 4 seconds then repeats. I’ve tried to reinstall everything and start over but received the same error. I am pretty sure I gave both Iris and Mopidy the correct access to my spotify… any ideas?

I appreciate you are new but we don’t need two posts for the same thing. Most online forums have this policy. I’ve deleted the second post.

Do you hear 4 seconds of music and then it restarts? Or do you hear no music at all? The difference is important.

Assuming it is the latter (please confirm), then it sounds like Mopidy-Spotify cannot access your Spotify account. Just because Mpoidy-Iris can, it doesn’t mean Mpoidy-Spotify can. If you read our Troubleshooting documentation there’s a command to show your effective config; use that to verify the config is all there (the secrets will be masked out, feel free to share that output).

Next check out the page explaining how to control the Mopidy service. Specifically the section which explains how to view Mopidy’s log messages:

sudo journalctl -u mopidy

Use the above command to ensure there are no error messages about Spotify login details you entered.

Also please check your login credentials satisfy the requirements:

  • A Spotify Premium subscription. Mopidy-Spotify will not work with Spotify Free, just Spotify Premium.
  • A non-Facebook Spotify username and password. If you created your account through Facebook you’ll need to create a “device password” to be able to use Mopidy-Spotify. Go to, login with your Facebook account, and follow the instructions. However, sometimes that process can fail for users with Facebook logins, in which case you can create an app-specific password on Facebook by going to > Settings > Security > App passwords > Generate app passwords, and generate one to use with Mopidy-Spotify.

We’ve had reports of people having problems with Facebook linked Spotify accounts and even creating a device password didn’t always work. I think the answer is to disconnect the link and make it a stand-alone Spotify account. I’ve no idea how to do that.

In general, it’s a good idea to check out the documentation for any troubleshooting help. You can then provide better information in your posts to make it easier for people to help you, which in turn means people are more likely to do so.