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Mopidy requires older version of Python

I installed Mopidy via apt. I was able to run mopidy, but I installed the mopidy-spotify extension. I installed the extension using pip with python 3. After installing this, mopidy exited with the error:

ERROR: Mopidy requires Python 2.7, but found 3.5.3.

I think a configuration changed when installing via pip.
I tried to deinstall the spotify extension, but it did not resolve the issue.
I saw a thread, which had a similar issue. There was a suggestion to use it with a virtual environment, but unfortunately that also did not work.

Any idea how to get Mopidy to use the older version again?

Install Mopidy 3.x (and Mopidy-Spotify) from and you’ll have the latest version which is compatible with Python 3. This is documented fully in our install instructions.

Old 2.x versions of Mopidy are not supported.

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