Changed Web UI to iOS can't go back

Greetings Friends

I’ve unfortunately changed my Web UI to iOS looks to test it, but now however I can’t seem to find a way to change it back to the way it was with the default UI.

I’m not sure what you mean but does http://musicbox.local/musicbox_webclient/index.html#home not bring up the default ui.

It’s looking like this and I can’t change the appearance back to default the current one has less options and settings :frowning:

I found the solution whenever I used the IP it automatically put in “\mobile” after the IP

I am still thankfull for your quick answer.


  • http://<ip> for the default client
  • http://<IP>/mopidy for a list of all web clients
  • http://<IP>/settings for the web settings page where you can change the default client. This can also be done by manually editing settings.ini.