Master volume in alsa mixer always very loud


Whenever I switch off my Pi fitted with a USB DAC the alsa mixer resets its master volume (PCM) to around 96. I then have to remember to manually SSH into the Pi and set it down near 40 before playing anything otherwise it is deafening and would probably wreck my speakers/ears !

Is there any way to permanently fix the master volume in alsa mixer to a low startup level for safety ??

If I remember correctly, setting audio/mixer_volume works with Mopidy-ALSAMixer.

Thanks for the info. Is that the same as changing the Initial Volume in the audio section of the Musicbox settings config file ? I have that set at 30 but the alsamixer always overrides it and sets the master volume to 96 every time the Pi is rebooted.

This is what overrides the volume to 96%. This runs after Mopidy has started and after Mopidy has set the volume to whatever you set for audio/mixer_volume in settings.ini. So unfortunately it overrides whatever you asked for with 96%.

I don’t know why it doesn’t just set the same audio/mixer_volume value again here, or perhaps it shouldn’t do anything here unless using software mixing.

Thanks for pointing that out in the code. I’ll just have to be careful when plugged into the PiDAC with headphones. No problem when plugged into the arcam amp and streaming as the amp volume takes over.