Mopidy Discourse

Marking answers as "the solution"

I’ve just enabled a Discourse feature that lets the topic poster and staff mark an answer as the “Solution”.

Here’s an example topic with an answer marked as the solution: How to update Mopidy extensions?

When an answer is marked as the solution, this is also indicated in the post list with a checkmark to the left of the topic title, making it faster to find topics where help might still be needed:



There are a couple of questions I’ve answered recently that are solved but haven’t been marked as such yet - is it possible to have a nudge button to encourage the poster or admin to tick the checkmark box?

I don’t think so it’s not great. Even moving the solved button out of the burger menu would be better.
EDIT: Does the button appear differently (more prominently) to the OP? - Yes! That’s not as bad as I thought then.

In related news: I have just enabled allowing all posts to be marked as solved. I don’t see any harm in doing this.