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Local scan not looking in correct directory

Im using Mopidy as a service to my config is located in /etc/mopidy/mopify.conf. I have added the correct path for [local] as MEDIA_DIR = /media/mike/Mediadrive/music. When I run mopidy scan local, it showing thats its loading the config from /home/mike/.config/mopidy/mopidy.conf and finding 0 files in /home/mike/music. Im not really sure whats going on here.

Mopidy as a service is only ever interacted with via mopidyctl. So it’d be sudo mopidyctl local scan.

Whats the best way to attack perms for a external drive that auto mounts to /etc/pi/Mediadrive?

All my content is on the external as this setup is in a travel trailer so I take the drive home and load more content. Scan doesnt work as permissions are not allowing the scan to happe