No metadata in tracks from local backend

When using local backend, there is no metadata in listed tracks.
The only way of retrieving them is by using lookup function, but this is inconvenient as it requires to do additional call and is not consistent with in example Gmusic backend which returns this data on every call.
It is also impossible to search by metadata - the only returned results are tracks, that are matched by file name.
Would it be possible to store metadata during local scan and return it in endpoints such as getCurrentTlTrack, browse, etc?
I also tried sqlite extension, but it behavior is exactly the same - it’s missing metadata information.

What exactly do you mean by “metadata information”?

I mean info like artist, album, length. Currently I get object that has only name and uri. It’s also impossible to search by artist and album.
Maybe you find more info in reported issue

“I get object” from what?

library.browse() returns Ref objects, library.lookup() returns Track objects.
This is the same for every backend. I would be surprised if Mopidy-GMusic behaves differently.

In the browse endpoint indeed Gmusic returns object with uri and name only.
But on getTlTracks and getCurrentTlTrack it returns full object:

__model__: "Track"
album: Object
artists: Array[1]
bitrate: 320
date: "2014"
disc_no: 1
length: 499000
name: "Smiler At 50"
track_no: 2
uri: "gmusic:track:Tvgzl4ngtmhisrrjcdocsnzfcie"

Mopidy-GMusic has no getTlTracks or getCurrentTlTrack methods. You’re probably referring to the TracklistController API.

I’m not familiar with implementation details.
I’m using mopidy.js and calling getCurrentTlTrack
If you have a Gmusic account on your Mopidy, you can test it on

These are not “implementation details”, this is the API you are trying to use.
I strongly suggest studying before going any further!

I solved this issue by adding tracks to queue by calling tracklist.add with uris param which makes a lookup before, so metadata is properly read.
Still missing a search by metadata in local files though.