Python sample 'how to" use API mopidy.core.CoreListener

I now have a python application up and running & controlling mopidy. It works fine.
Next to do is to add an event listener in a thread. Do you have an example in python code how I should do that (the thread is not the problem, it is already running…)?

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Just using python websockets and 'websocket.create_connection’
Events are now popping in…


I have searching for this but this for a while nad now i founda post about this, can you please share your python code ??

Thanks Andreas H

What I did was a plugin for something called EventGhost. You find a description here:

In the postings you find a link to plugins I have developed. The direct link to the Mopidy plugin is:

The python code is in the file

Please notice that the code is dependent on the WebSocket client library for Python. You find it in the same place.

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