LibSpotify deprecated

I guess Mopidy-Spotify is one of the most used Mopidy extensions. Reading this page I get a little worried:

LibSpotify are no longer under active development on any platform and are considered deprecated.

however they DO say:

…we will be providing a new library … later this year.

Does anybody have more info on this and how it will affect the use of Spotify in Mopidy in the future?

This has been known for almost a year, and there’s little news of a new Spotify lib (with playback capabilities) for Linux/OSX yet.

I’m not too concerned, as libspotify is integrated in numerous hardware platforms, including cars, so support for it won’t go away in the near future even if a new C library becomes available.

I added a note on the libspotify deprecation to the pyspotify docs today:

Hi. I guess you’re right about the countless uses of the library everywhere. It would be bad for the business to just pull the plug.

I put a little “prayer” in the comments section on the official LibSpotify page.