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Large music collection?

Are there any suggestions for running with a large music collection? Mine is a few hundred gigabytes and roughly 50,000 titles. Iris is running slow (glacial?) and scrolling through the album view takes far too long than just having an alphabetic scroll bar.

I really haven’t ever tried to use my whole collection at once, so I’m not even sure what a good user interface to a large music collection would look like.

Side question: if my music collection isn’t under /var/usr/mopidy and is instead on a /mnt/ drive, how do I get there from Browse->Files? It seems like I might be missing a configuration step… right now, I’ve pointed [local] media_dir = /mnt/usb/Music, but I don’t have anything that sets up “browse” specifically…


While I don’t have a direct answer to your question, I am interested to know more about your experience with Iris. What version of Iris are you using? There was a significant rebuild of how lists and grids were displayed to mitigate performance issues when rendering huge lists. This was released in 3.57.0.

Is the biggest speed issue with Iris the loading of library items, or the scrolling in your browser?

I also had the same problem! :thinking: