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Is there a way to prompt a wifi selection screen for users who have been gifted a music box?

I simply want to make a few internet radio boxes that link to my station upon boot. I then want to gift these to my friends. My issue is you need to config the wifi for the pi in order to connect to a stream. Is there a way to allow users to boot the internet radio, then simply enter their wifi, and automatically connect to my stream all upon second boot? (inferencing that I’ve already booted, logged into my wifi, and changed some music box settings)

I’m guessing you’re going to be building this on some kind of linux single board computer, like a raspberry pi or something?

If so, check out Comitup. It boots up with an ad hoc network and lets the user configure it to their network on the user’s phone or computer.

about as close as you’ll get to a plug and play solution for wifi config. Hope this helps!