Is Mopidy for me? 10 zone audio setup + specific goals

Hello everyone – I’m in the midst of a giant home renovation/addition project and have lofty goals for whole home audio:

I have 10 audio zones staged, speakers in hand, wiring ran for all zones pulled to central closet

Ideal sources:

  • youtube music (my profile)
  • youtube music (wife’s profile)
  • youtube music (kids profile)
  • XM Radio (likely captured from analog output of echo dot, controlled by home assistant, maybe?)
  • TV Audio (captured from any TV in the house)
  • I would also like to have a way, if possible, to be able to pair a phone via bluetooth to any speaker zone for direct streaming, and/or to use bluetooth to pair a google nest mini to speakers in zones where the nest mini is located

I have home assistant running and an extensive automation/smart home setup already using home assistant.

It appears that Home Assistant has very good support for mopidy and connecting sources/destinations for audio routing, and seems to have solid support for youtube music multi-profile etc.

XM Radio - There seems to be no XM streaming plugin support for mopidy anymore, so i would use a home assistant function to control an echo dot and steer it to various XM stations, capture that audio.

I’d like to be able to select any audio source, and play it in any combination of audio zones. I’d also like to be able to capture the audio from any TV in the house and route it to any zone as well.

I would likely use a dedicated (small) amp for each zone which could be bluetooth enabled to support phone/google nest mini pairing. Running the client software for each zone would likely be a Raspberry Pi with some sort of audio-output hat or USB dongle.

I do have a Yamaha RX-A3000 receiver which supports 4 zones, and allegedly has XM Radio streaming online, and apparently has solid support via Home Assistant.

-How do I go about capturing audio (analog or digital) and presenting it as an audio source to Mopidy? it seems this has been asked but has been said to be “out of scope” for mopidy. Perhaps another software package to capture/digitize/stream/and present? I see some discussion around pulseaudio/snapcast being able to do this maybe?
-Is there a proper way to handle XM Radio?
-Am I totally crazy for trying to do this?

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