Installed from source on Raspbian Jessie Lite and Raspi3, need to set up mopidy user and scripts

Hi all

Installed latest mopidy from sources using the documentation found here ( onto a fresh Raspbian Jessie Lite install on a Raspberry Pi 3.

I’ve confirmed that mopidy works when launched as user pi. But now I would like to run mopidy as a service as chronicled here (

And now that I’ve checked my machine it appears it is not set up to do this when installed from source. It looks like I need to install mopidyctl, create the /etc/mopidy directory, probably create the systemd files and man pages too, and maybe even the mopidy user.

I’ve looked through the documentation and Github but can’t seem to find any info. Any suggestions on where to find the info?


You’ll find all that info in the install scripts for the package. So download that and look there. Or just install the package in the first place, any particular reason you decided not to?

If you follow you can have a packaged version alongside a source checkout.